Problem: to connect two heat sources to one heating system
Solution: fit a Dunsley neutraliser or link-up
Many people are reverting to wood and coal fired heating in these days of high fuel prices, but how do you blend the new and the old in such a way that you can have heat at the flick of a switch when you really need it, Without having to light a fire and wait an hour or so for everything to heat up?
The answer is the Dunsley Baker Link-up by Dunsley Heat, otherwise known as a ‘Neutraliser’. The only ‘legal’ way to connect two heat sources (one being ‘uncontrolled’) into an existing central heating system. Connect your existing boiler (gas or oil) directly through a neutraliser. The Neutraliser allows an accelerated gravity circuit from a back boiler to freely circulate hot water to a cylinder and radiators even in the event of electrical failure, a vital safety feature when pressure build up could cause an explosion. The neutraliser and valve arrangement remove this as a possibility.
At any time the regular gas or oil boiler can be activated either manually or automatically (if the system detects no heat from the multi-fuel stove) but if at any time later a fire is lit and it gets up to temperature the boiler will shut down and allow the back-boiler to take over, and the good bit is, it’s all done for you automatically!
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