Oftec is the government appointed agency who register qualified technicians to work on oil fired installations. ANY work carried out on an oil fired appliance or storage tank should only be done by a person deemed to be ‘competent’. These technicians are examined by an independant body who issue a certificate of competence, they then register with Oftec and only then can they work on your oil installation. There are two main dangers with oil, fire and contamination, and Building Regs are very strict when it comes to following guidelines.
Most building work done in your home will be subject to Building Regulations – and that includes any installation or upgrade work done on your heating system. Building Regulations vary depending on where you live in the UK, but generally all work must be notified to your local authority. Because your OFTEC Registered Technician is a ‘competent person’ under the Building Regulations, he can self-certify his work and take care of the notification for you. You’ll receive a certificate confirming that the work done meets the relevant Building Regulations. Keep this certificate in a safe place as you may need it later.
SJW Plumbing and Heating of Lincolnshire are fully registered and regulated by Oftec.
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