Problem: the oil bill is nearly £900 per month, even in the summer
Solution: use free energy from the sun to heat the pool
Persuading this customer that solar power was the way forward was not hard. The overall cost of their fuel bill was getting on for ten thousand pounds last year, hard to believe until you take into account the indoor pool kept at exactly 32 degrees C. all year round. The standard efficiency boiler was running constantly even during the summer and the control systems were lacking.
The home in question is a 17th century farmhouse, grade 2 listed, but the pool house was not a listed structure and so the ideal place for the panels. To effectively heat those volumes of water, even with summer sun, the panels had to be 1/3 of the total surface area of the pool. 8 panels in total arranged in landscape and set into the tiled roof.
We chose Worcester Bosch FTK panels for their superior loss efficiency and a beautifully made Bowman Solar Pool heat exchanger to transfer all that free energy to the pool water. 
It was also decided that a new h/e boiler was required and new control systems throughout. The solar system is completely self contained and requires no input from the householder, when the pool comes up to temperature the digital controller shuts down the pumping station and the system rests. If, on an evening, the solar panels have not put enough heat into the pool the boiler tops up the pool temperature. The system took a couple of weeks to fit and the customer used his own roofer.
The project was completed in early October 2008 and even though the weather was atrocious during the back end of the year the solar panels provided heat even on the coldest days.
Our customer is looking forward to making big savings this coming year, the entire capital investment paying for itself within three years.

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